Different Types of Ice Hockey Shots

Ice hockey players always have a large calibre of shots of varying speeds ready for play. Some are commonly used while others need time and less opposition around to be executed effectively. Here are just a few shots.


The slapshot is one of the most difficult shots that hockey players can master. It takes time to wind up the shot and is usually not as accurate as some others. It is usually made by defensive players because less pressure is needed to execute the shot well. The player winds up the stick to shoulder height or higher. The player slaps the ice very hard behind the puck, bends the stick and uses that energy to push the puck at breakneck speed. The wrists are rolled, and it is then released. The player follows through with the stick pointing at the desired target.

Shovel Shot

The shovel shot or flip shot is one of the first shots that people play. Players make a shovelling motion to push the puck into the air and towards the desired direction or past the goaltender. This is the perfect way for you to start your ice story as a player.

Wrist Shot

The wrist shot is a strong, fast and exact shot which is focused mainly on flicking the wrist without too much backswing. The shot makes the use of the forearm and the wrist among other joints and muscles. The puck should have a spinning motion like a football when it is well executed.

Snap Shot

The snapshot combines the wrist shot with its speed and exactness as well as a slapshot’s speed. The stick is placed from a little distance behind, and the player flexes the shaft on the ice. It strikes the puck fast but not as much as a slap shot.

These shots can be devastatingly accurate with practice but can also be ineffective if not executed effectively. Practice makes perfect.