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Welcome to the Sheffield Scimitars

The Sheffield Scimitars were founded way back in 1986,and have given Sheffield and even the whole of South Yorkshire games full of wonderful sportsmanship and matches that bring a lot of surprises.

While nothing beats meeting and seeing the wonderful supporters and the team in the flesh , knowing the reason why the team chose the name Sheffield Scimitars will help you appreciate the team a lot better.

The origin of the name

In the 19th century, Sheffield was known worldwide for production of steel, and was dubbed as the “Steel City”. Sheffield at that time was leading local innovation in manufacturing and tempering steel, particularly crucible and stainless steel.

A Scimitar is a sword with a curved blade and is only sharp towards the outer edge. It also gets wider the further away you go from the hilt. It is also quite fast and can do flowing strikes accurately and gracefully.

The Sheffield Scimitars are inspired to be as sharp, as durable and as strong as the world renowned steel Sheffield was once known for, thus playing ice hockey in a way that will live up to the team’s name. Like a scimitar, they aim to cut with precision while still being friendly after the match, very much like like the namesake sword that is sharper on the outer edge compared to the inner one.

The Sheffield Scimitars Today

Now the Sheffield Scimitars may no longer be active but the legacy can still be seen with the Sheffield Steeldogs, with whom the team have merged with. You can still cheer for the team by watching our spiritual successors, the Sheffield Steeldogs.

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