Some important Lingo in Ice Hockey

Just like any other sport, Ice Hockey has its own language and term. Ice Hockey also has more rules than most sports, and knowing those rules and terms will definitely help you appreciate just how much fun and complicated this sport can possibly be.

For instance, when you go to watch a match, people will be asking you if you are going to the barn. The barn here is not where those chickens and horses run around; it is actually the rink. Then, they would say that they are excited for the biscuit to be fought over. The biscuit is not something you eat; in fact, you will hurt yourself if you bite it. The Biscuit is actually the puck. If they say that the biscuit is in the basket, it means the puck is in the net, giving the attacking team a point. They might even yell “shoot that biscuit inside that cookie jar!” Cookie jar in this case would be the net, specifically. the upper portion of the net.

They will be talking about twigs and some bird cages. What they mean by twig is the hockey stick and the bird cage as the metal parts in the helmet. If they do not call it a bird cage, they call it a bucket.

If they say a player gave an apple, it means that he made a great assist. If the player is good with misdirecting other players, he is a dangler. He can do a deke, or a move that functions like a decoy to fool the other players. On the other hand, if they call the player a bender, then that player does not really play the game that well.

Knowing a few of these words will make you appreciate the world of ice hockey even more, but this is not an exhaustive list! Try watching a match and listen to the fans, and you will learn a lot more.

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