Football Betting

The Sheffield Scimitars love Ice hockey, but like any other South Yorkshire residents, we are also bananas for football (the real football, not the armoured contest with a weirdly shaped ball). In fact, we are also fans of the Blades and the Owls. The Blades, by the way, is how fans call the Sheffield United Football Club, a professional association football sports club for Sheffield. The Owls would be the Sheffield Wednesday Football Club, another local professional sports club.

Football is something we all love. This should not really come as a surprise since, after all, Sheffield has the oldest football club in the world, the Sheffield Football Club. The Sheffield Scimitars and the Sheffield Steeldogs do watch a lot of football matches. After a good game of ice hockey, nothing beats watching a great football match.

You can bet that we bet too. Oh, do we bet? The football matches are too exciting, and betting can be quite the adrenaline booster. Nothing also beats being right with your predictions too.

There are a lot of options for betting on football teams. You can put your bets online or with a local betting house. We prefer the local ones though since nothing beats the banter, the team analysis and the crazy strategies by other fans. Also, you can get a lot of great info when you go personally. Forum posts online also help, but nothing still beats personal interaction for us.

We are very excited too since there is the famed Steel City Derby. With the Blades and the Owls having 48 wins each as of 2012, there is a lot of predictions and analysis by the many fans and the good old rituals to support the teams. The air will be filled with excitement and passion for the Blades and the Owls, and we will be cheering for them as well.

If you can’t make it to your local betting house to place those all important sports bets, you could always visit an online bookmaker as we mentioned but before doing so make sure you read up about all the different bet types you can place. Such as single prematch betting and In Play Betting. You can learn more about In Play betting here.

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